Gauchach Gorge

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A stream has formed the wildly beautiful Gauchach Gorge in the landscape. Explore the unique Gauchach Gorge with its many waterfalls. 

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The Gauchach Gorge, the Wutach Gorge’s little sister, is not necessarily a secret tip. However, it tends to be fairly quiet and is never overcrowded, even on sunny days. The stream originates south of Oberbränd, flows past Dittishausen and Döggingen, and joins the Wutach River just before the mill. The actual Gauchach Gorge is located beyond Döggingen, deeply embedded in the hard shell limestone. The gorge has retained its near-natural form due to steep slopes which make it difficult to access. The slopes are mostly covered in forest. For the most part, the stream also remains in its natural state, even though it bears some traces of use. It used to be a power source for three mills: the Guggenmühle, the Lochmühle, and the bright red Burgmühle, whose future as a “Friends-of-Nature” house is currently uncertain. The narrow part of the Gauchach Gorge has been declared a nature preservation area under Baden-Wuerttemberg conservation law, acknowledging the gorge’s high environmental and ecological value.