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Control point for navigation devices

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Satellite navigation receivers in handhelds such as smartphones, tablets, watches, cameras or outdoor navigation devices help to always find the right position. They help with hiking and cycling, enable photographing with location information and are indispensable in the digital treasure hunt, geocaching.
Check for yourself how exactly the satellite navigation receiver of your smartphone works.
On receiving station
Let's get started:

  •     Set the coordinates display to Geographic or UTM coordinates in the WGS84 system (option).
  •     Place your receiver on the control point and determine the location coordinates.
  •     Compare your measured values with the specified coordinates of the control point. The information refers to the marking of the calibrated control point.

Repeat the navigation comparison at a different time because:
The accuracy of your measured coordinates depends, among other things, on how many satellites you can currently receive. So let's see where you end up next time.

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