Germany‘s Highest Waterfall - Triberg

Haupteingang Ludwigstraße / Haupstraße,  78098 Triberg
Open 24 hours

The churning, tempestuous rapids of the Gutach plunge to a depth of 163 m over seven cascades: Germany’s highest waterfall is a magnificent natural performance!

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You must have seen Germany's highest waterfalls in Triberg! Foaming and roaring the water plunges 163 meters into the river called “Gutach”. On the paths along the seven stages, you experience a magnificent spectacle of nature.

The falls are accessible during the whole year and offer an impressive coulisse even in winter. In addition, the falls are illuminated every day from the morning until the night. Enjoy the nature park in Germany's highest waterfalls. There you can discover: A tree house, a cultplace, a rocky beach...


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