Geroldsau Waterfall

Wasserfallstraße ,  76534 Baden-Baden
Open 24 hours

In its own way, a modest and yet unique spectacle of nature in the midst of the dense woods of the Black Forest

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There is a scents of lush blooming rhododendrons (in May)looming in the air, quiet splashing and refreshing coolness. Just a few more metres over wooden footbridges and small ascents, through the romantic „Grobbachtal“ valley and you have reached your excursion destination: the famous Geroldsau waterfall where Johannes Brahms and Gustave Courbet have already cherished this experience of nature in order to draw creative energy from the loud roar of the water masses crashing into a turquoise-blue pond.

If the relatively short footpath along the Grobbach is not enough, you can take extended walks on other marked walking and hiking trails. Weary hikers should, however, stop at the charming Gasthaus "Bütthof" close to the Geroldsauer waterfall.

On foot you can reach the waterfall via the magnificent "Panoramaweg", which offers a perfect access point at the Wannacker car park on the Black Forest High Road (B500). To get even closer to the waterfall by car, take the „Wasserfallstrasse“ (waterfall road) off of Geroldsauerstrasse (B500) direction "Bütthof".

Important: There may be large flows of visitors on holidays and on weekends. If you want to peaceful quiet of nature, visit the waterfalls during the week.

You can reach the starting point in Geroldsau also by bus 204 or 245


Free entry