Glacier moraine with "ice hole"

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Höchenschwand. The glacier moraine and the "ice hole" are located near the Dreherhäusleweiher on Terrainkurweg 4..

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The last big changes in the appearance of the Höchenschwander mountain and the region brought the ice age. During the Würmeiszeit a glacier of about 1000 km² covered the Black Forest. The former glaciations can still be seen today in the hollows and depressions of the river and brook valleys and deposits. The Albtal glacier, the last two ice ages, coming from the Feldberg massif and leaving its traces in the terrain to this day, is particularly worth mentioning. But also the formation of trough valleys, such as Ellmenegg, and notch valleys, such as Segalen, date back to the Ice Age. At the Dreherhäusleweiher you can still see the "ice hole" today.


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