Gönneranlage Baden-Baden


Lichtentaler Allee,  76530 Baden-Baden

Why bother with a bunch of roses, when you could surprise your wife with a garden of 10.000?!

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And then she will feel exactly like the wife of the coffee magnate, Hermann Sielcken. Because at the start of the 20th century, that’s exactly what he did. He founded a wonderful rose garden in the Gönneranlage, in honor of his wife. The garden, however, was named after the Baden-Baden Lord Mayor, Albert Gönner (1838-1909).
Inhale the luxurious scents and enjoy, from May until October, the abundant blooms of over 400 types of roses. Even the names themselves, such as Swan Lake, Caprice, Burning Love and Magic Love, bring music to your ears. Complementing these beautiful blooms are numerous sculptures and a centrally placed fountain, inviting you to wander and dream.

Important note: Dogs are not allowed.


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