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Golf course

Golf resort “Drei Thermen”

Am Golfplatz 3,  79415 Bad Bellingen

Experience of golfing and nature at the same time

For example in the golf resort “Drei Thermen” at Bad Bellingen

4 x 18 holes, mild climate, relaxed atmosphere, fascinating view of the Rhine Valley, the Vosges mountains, the Black Forest and the Swiss Alps. In the golf resort “Drei Thermen” you can play the best golf ever.

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Two golf courses are in the district of Bad Bellingen called Bamlach and two in Hombourg in Alsace which is only a stone’s throw from there. Beginners, holiday guests and green fee players - everybody is welcome at any time.

  • 2 x 18-holes in the district Bamlach:
  • Kapellenberg: Length: 5930 m, Par: 73, Quellenhof: Length: 6350 m, Par: 72
  • 2 x 18 holes in Hombourg/Alsace
  • Schlossplatz: 6224 m, Par: 72, Burgplatz: Length: 6020 m, Par: 71
  • Facilities: Clubhouse, restaurant, golf school

Golf resort “Drei Thermen”

Golf course 1 KAPELLENBERG 5,847 m, Par 73

The mountain Kapellenberg is a scenic experience, being the golf course having the most hours of sunshine registered in Germany. The courses are on the Markgräfler hilly landscape and end in a green plateau. In sunny weather you can see the Alps, the Black Forest, the Rhine Valley and the Vosges mountains. Green fee players who are not used to such a marvellous view, are enthusiastic about this view when coming back from their golfing.

Golf course 2 QUELLENHOF 6,058 m, Par 72

This resort of Bad Bellingen is surrounded by a nice landscape and has 36 holes. The courses offer a wonderful panoramic view over the Alps, the Black Forest and the Vosges mountains and are interesting for any type of player.
Quellenhof, with 6,350 m from the white tees the longest place in the region. Equipped with more than 150 well placed bunkers and great greens, hilly landscape, easy to walk on.

Golf course 3 SCHLOSSPLATZ 6,123 m, Par 73

Members of the golf resort Drei Thermen are in the luxurious situation to have the choice, since their playing rights are valid for all the four courses: Kapellenberg, Quellenhof, Schlossplatz and Burgplatz. All of the four places are very different in their character and cannot be compared for the reason alone of their different topographies and planting types. Their design and construction still enhance these differences so that there are four courses, each of them guaranteeing a unique playing experience.

Golf course 4 BURGPLATZ 5,847 m, Par 73

At a visual line distance of 5 km from the Kapellenberg, separated by the motorway, the river Rhine and the German-French border, there is Hombourg with two courses and the most spectacular clubhouse far and wide.

The first five holes of Schlossplatz are in the open terrain. From the sixth hole on you get the impression that the golf course is hundred years old. Playing 13 holes just like Robin Hood, without any civilisation, through forest aisles, is a very special experience.  The same applies to Burgplatz with a very good design, 18 holes completely in a forested area, remote in the midst of nature.

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