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Hammer saw - Kingenhof saw

79856 Hinterzarten

A Black Forest hammer saw mill in “Löffeltal” (Valley of Spoons)

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When the court saw of the Kingenhof, which was occupied in 1446 the sawmill was built in 1828 on the Rotbach. The tapping saw was used to cut tree trunks sawing lengthwise into thick planks, boards. The energy for this supplied the brook water, in the Löffel valley this was the water of the Rotbach, also called Zartenbach by Hinterzarten. From 1969 the saw shut down.

In 2009, the lease agreement between the owner and Black Forest Association. 2011 a new lease agreement was signed between the owner and the Heimatpfad Hochschwarzwald association founded in 1987 closed. 

In 1979 the 43-metre long boat and the shingle roof had to be renewed will be. Financial support was provided by the Black Forest Association, Denkmalstiftung Baden-Württemberg and the nature park programme. Through the campaign "Shingles for the Kingenhof saw" donors could donate shingles worth 5 EUR.

The water wheel of the beating saw, the Kingenhof saw in the Spoon Valley. The first was installed in the saw restored in 1977 in 1979 and has held until 2016.

The water wheel drives a mighty corrugated tree in the basement of the head saw. Three lifting rollers rotate on the corrugated tree, which turn the saw frame in at regular intervals. At the highest point that each lifting roller it turns away under the saw frame and leaves it 44 cm fall off. As the saw gate falls down, the Saw blade - clamped in the saw frame - into the tree trunk further, of water wheel three times during each full rotation. Since the saw frame weighs about five hundredweights, it has enough energy to even make thick trees to be able to saw.

To dampen the force of the fall, above and below the Saw frames long thin tree trunks are attached to the saw frame for cushioning. The Knocking, audible from afar, is produced when the gate hits the lower feather trees, which gave its name to this type of saw - knock saw.  

It is very impressive, vivid and easy to understand.  


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