Haslach Gorge – “Hölllochfelsen” and “Rechenfelsen”

The wild and romantic Haslach Gorge with its distinctive rock walls, the “Hölllochfelsen” and the “Rechenfelsen”, is known as the Wutach Gorge’s little sister. 

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The Haslach Gorge in Lenzkirch is a charming and beautiful scenic feature. The gorge leads from Lenzkirch to the Haslach estuary, where the Haslach, Gutach, and Wutach streams merge into one river. As one, they flow gently along the narrow ravine, gradually gaining momentum, down into the water and upwards through the steep cliffs that flank the Haslach stream. The two viewing points, the “Hölllochfelsen” and the “Rechenfelsen”, offer wonderful views of the gorge.  

It is here that the Haslach breaks through the hard porphyry rocks, providing a stunning spectacle of the primal forces of nature. The wild beauty of the Haslach Gorge has captivated people for a long time. The “Rechenfelsen” was already a popular postcard motif when the region was in its early stages as a tourist destination, just after 1900. Getting to the “Rechenfelsen” or “Hölllochfelsen” in order to view the steeply rising, overhanging cliff walls that flank the Haslach stream requires a certain level of fitness and sure-footedness.     

Hikes through the Haslach Gorge can start from various locations: downstream from Lenzkirch and Kappel or upstream across one of the gorges (Wutach, Gutach or Rötenbach). The Freiburg-Bodensee path and the adventurous Schluchtensteig trail also lead past here. Entrance and exit points for these wonderful gorge hikes are clearly signposted and serviced by local buses. Each year after the spring floods, the footbridge is repaired by the Lenzkirch branch of the Black Forest Association. Detailed maps, informative hiking guides, and nice resting areas turn a hike through the Haslach Gorge into an unforgettable experience.

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