Healthy climate hiking trails around Höchenschwand

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Discover Höchenschwand and environment on the Heilkima hiking trails and enjoy the beautiful area.

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Heil Air-trails are trails that are rated physiological and therapeutic.
Heil Air-trails are located in areas high air purity, low thermal loading and metered cold stimuli.

The paths are applied to joints.Heil Air-walking is an effective endurance training are combined according to specific rules on the movement and air stimuli.

Enjoy hiking in the healthy climate.

Healthy climate trail 1 (TK 1)

Sunny and light hiking trail along the nature sports center Höchenschwand.

Length: 1.7 km    Level: simple

Healthy climate trail 2 (TK 2)

Easy walk and sunny hike with fantastic views of the surrounding valleys. In good conditions, the Swiss Alps greet.

Length: 3.2 km     Level: simple

Healthy climate trail 3 (TK 3)

The healthy climate-3 trail leads along meadows around the climatic health resort of Höchenschwand.

Length: 3.54 km    Level: simpl

Healthy climate trail 4 (TK 4)

The healthy climate-trail 4 leads to the romantically situated "Dreherhäusleweiher, over the "Moosweg" to the "Kreuzstein".

Lenght: 5.78 km     Level: medium-difficult

Healthy climate trail 5 (TK 5)

Embark with the healthy climate-trail 5 (TK 5) over the wild "Felsenweg".

Length: 15.00 km     Level: medium-difficult

Healthy climate trail 6 (TK 6)

Over the "Albtal" the healing climate-trail 6 leads for the district "Tiefenhäusern".
On the way back you explore some districts and around 16 kilometers the main town Höchenschwand.

Length: 16.5 km     Level: medium

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