Heidelberg mountain cemetery

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Heidelberg mountain cemetery

Place of memory, oasis of peace

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A network of paths of more than 20 kilometres length runs through the largest Heidelberg cemetery, the Bergfriedhof. This place of remembrance is also the green lung of the city and an oasis of peace. "Cemeteries are not only there for the dead, they are places for the living," says Norbert Hornig, responsible for Heidelberg's mountain cemetery. That's why four newly signposted circular routes there invite you to discover this place of important cultural and historical treasures. 22 large information boards and 58 small signposts lead to the graves of important personalities such as Friedrich Ebert, Charles de Graimberg, Ernst Fries, Robert Wilhelm Bunsen and Carl Bosch. A free leaflet helps with orientation on the circular routes. The signs are mainly made of paper and resin. The material is very weather-resistant and, since it is produced without the use of solvents, meets the highest environmental standards. The Landscape and Forestry Department of the city of Heidelberg also invites visitors to take guided walks through the mountain cemetery at regular intervals. Participation in these events is free of charge.

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