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The Heidelberg city forest has a size of 3331 hectares. The aim of forest management is to ensure equal priority for ecological, economic and social sustainability. Heidelberg is committed to the principles of natural and sustainable forest management and has been awarded various forest certifications. Hikers and those seeking recreation can experience the forest directly from the city: Many signposted (circular) hiking trails lead to attractive vantage points. Special theme and adventure trails provide a wide range of information for forest visitors. The Via Naturae on the Königstuhl has numerous picture panels to help people understand the forest as part of their natural environment. The forest adventure trail, which is primarily aimed at children, also begins on the Königstuhl. It leads into the depths of the forest, where big and small adventures await. You can experience the world of the forest with all your senses and you can be curious about what you will encounter on the approx. 2 kilometre long path (also suitable for prams). If you would like to take part in a guided hike with a group, you can choose from a wide range of activities: Guided tours to the Felsenmeer and the Arboretums, hikes on geological themes, a herb hike and much more is offered by "Natürlich Heidelberg". The municipal event program "Natürlich Heidelberg. Wald erleben - Natur erfahren" also offers more than 160 leisure activities in the forest and nature. (Natürlich Heidelberg, +49 6221 5828333,,

Tip: The most beautiful routes and sights, cultural assets as well as natural monuments in Heidelberg, Weinheim and the Neckar Valley-Odenwald Nature Park can be found in the "Wanderwalter". (