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Heimatmuseum Alte Metzig (Old Butcher's Shop)

Kaiserstrasse 62,  79761 Waldshut-Tiengen

Waldshut-Tiengen. Within the 15th century the building was called "Haus zum Schwibbogen", later "Metzig".

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Within the 15th century the building was called "Haus Schwibbogen". This Name originates from a bow stradling the building. After being used as an inn since 1562, it later came into Possession of the towm in 1588. Following the conversion, it was called "Metzig" and was used as a slaughterhouse. The today's passage included a salesroom next to the Kaiserstraße and, in the rear part of the building, a slaughter room, adjacent to the Wallstraße. Waldshut's butchers were allowed to use the premises for a fee. Slaughterhouse waste was thrown into the stream flowing through the town.

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