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Explore the historical market town’s old centre.

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An uneven, oval shape

The town has an uneven, oval shape. The former, major trade route which passes through the town in a slight arch is its only axis. This main axis widens in the centre and becomes the market square with the town hall in its midst. Two side streets with narrow rows of houses, their eaves parallel to the street front, surround the town centre. These townhouses with their adjoining yards were previously used by farmers.  

Public roads

Since agricultural activities in the town centre ceased, these backyards developed into publically accessible side streets. This means that the properties now lack any private or partially private space which gives the town its unique character. The outer buildings are connected to the circular town wall.

Three gates

Three gates secured Löffingen until the 19th century. The Upper Gate faced northwest towards the suburbs, while the Lower Gate faced south and was situated west of the church. The Maienländer Gate on the western side which was only for local traffic remains standing. It was originally built in 1580 and newly constructed after the fire of 1921.   

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