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Hüsli Homeland Museum

Hüsli 1,  79865 Grafenhausen

You can’t tell from the outside, but the “Hüsli” was originally built as a luxury holiday home for Helene Siegfried, a concert singer from Berlin, in 1911. The building became well-known internationally when it appeared in the TV series “Schwarzwaldklinik” as the home of “Professor Dr Brinkmann”.

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The “Hüsli” Museum is directly opposite the Rothaus Brewery in Grafenhausen. During her stays in the Black Forest, Helene Siegfried, a celebrated concert singer and daughter of a factory owner from Lörrach, meticulously collected objects and furniture from old farms as well as regional artwork and had it built into her “Hüsli”, leaving everything in its original condition. With its low-lying roof, cosy rooms with the painted ceilings, doors, wall cupboards, and tiled stoves, Helene Siegfried turned her “Hüsli” (the name she gave the house herself) into an architectural work of art. She collected watches, porcelain, reverse glass paintings, drawings, glass, and wood carvings. Everything is displayed in the original interior of the house. Visitors can view a lovingly assembled collection which consists of both religious and secular artwork, of small and large everyday objects. Everything is authentic and old, and most objects have simply been left where they were, almost as though the former concert singer could step through the door at any moment and make this beautiful house her home again. 


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