Joseph Chapel Josefskapelle Tunau Kressbronn a. B.

Tunau ,  88079 Kressbronn am Bodensee

It is astonishing how many people visit this small baroque chapel, especially during the summer vacation and vacation season, to visit it and to pray. Its location on the much used Lake Constance circular path, embedded in orchards and its proximity to a cosy beer garden invite the bicycle tourist and the hiker to stop for a break.

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The chapel was built in 1659 by Count Hugo of Montfort. In the foundation charter he attributed the construction to divine inspiration. He had thought about what he could do, now already in his old age, for his own spiritual comfort and the salvation of others. The hamlet, which was formerly called Ettenried, was named Tunau by Countess Maria Anna von Montfort, born "von Thun", who in 1728 donated a perpetual chaplaincy. For this the countess acquired a manor house from the Memmingen hospital. The Countess appreciated this idyllically situated country estate during excursions from the summer residence Langenargen. The state house on the property of today's Gasthof Dorfkrug was the chaplain's house until 198182. Since 1957 - in this year the new parish of Kressbronn was separated from Gattnau - the chaplain's house Tunau also belongs to the parish of Kressbronn. The pensioner's house in the garden of the chapel was only built in 1982.

Today we encounter the chapel in its original form, apart from the sacristy from 1871, which was added to the southeast. It is a hall building with a three-sided choir screen and a small tower with a clock that strikes every quarter and full hour. The little bell that the founder had hung in the tower was taken away during the Second World War, today the tower bears two bells.

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