Junges NTM (Schnawwl)

Junges NTM

Brückenstraße 2,  68167 Mannheim

To see children's eyes sparkle with astonishment, hear cries of warning, excited stamping and clapping of hands - the Young National Theatre "Junges NTM" makes children's hearts beat faster.

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The "Junges NTM" is the children's and youth theatre of the national theatre Mannheim and its youngest offshoot. Even so, it is the oldest municipal children's and youth theatre in Baden-Wuerttemberg and has its main venue in the converted "Alte Feuerwache" in Mannheim's Neckarstadt district. Here, the focus is very much on the experience enjoyed by the younger audience. The programme typically includes picture, fairy-tale and narrative theatre as well as many pieces developed in-house and classics adapted for a young audience.

Top tip: Via Max-Joseph-Straße, it's only a short walk to the Herzogenriedpark. Alongside its lovely green spaces, the park offers water games, mini-golf, a petting zoo and much more for all ages.

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