"Jungle playground" on the Klosterwiese

Lichtentaler Allee 86A,  76530 Baden-Baden
Childrens playground with climbing structure and tropical charm. A well-kept park and a green area are in the immediate vicinity.

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The themed playground “Jungle” is divided into two areas for different age groups. The focus is on a climbing route, the aim of which is not to touch the “jungle floor. ”
For the younger ones, there are of course many classic elements but also a "rocking suction pump". Here they tried to integrate the neighbouring river “Oos” as “Amazonas” into the jungle playground. The water can even flow into the Oos if you pump diligently. Elements that underline the jungle theme are above all a tree house, palm trees, a suspension bridge and the small monkey “Coco. ”

In the neighbouring monastery Lichtental you will find the Café Lumen which offers homemade cakes and cakes as well as ice cream and various snacks.


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