Barbecue area

Kaiser-Rudolf-Platz with Florian’s shelter

Verbindungsstraße Finsterlingen Hierbach,  79875 Dachsberg
Open 24 hours

On this place you find a fireplace with shelter and viewpoint.

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The car park for hikers, a fireplace, the Florian’s shelter (named after Saint Florian, the patron saint of firefighters) and the viewpoint with anAlpine panorama boardare open to public.

Closed groups need permission from the municipality. Please contact us 14 days prior to the requested date, tel. +49 (0)7672/9905-0.

On the traditional German hiking day of 1 May, the place is a popular meeting point. Hikers are welcome to take a rest and regain strength with local food specialties served by the Volunteer Firefighters of Wilfingen which also operate the premises throughout the year.

Please note: The place is not named after the former Habsburg Emperor Rudolf; "Rudolf Kaiser" ist the name of the owner of the meadow wehre the place ist situated.

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