Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal, Fotograf: Martin Dürrschnabel, (Stadtwiki Karlsruhe)


Karlsruhe's "Kaiserplatz" is located at the western end of "Kaiserstraße", just before "Mühlburger Tor". It got its name from the monument of Kaiser Wilhelm I on horseback set in the middle of the square.

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In 1889, one year after the Kaiser died, the Grand Duke of Baden ordered that a monument be built for him. The monument was designed by Adolf Heer and was ceremoniously unveiled on 18 October 1897.
105 years later, in 2002, a counterpoint was set east of the monument. 27 granite slabs were laid in the ground, each one bearing the name of a revolutionary of 1848, hanged after the Baden Revolution in 1849 on the initiative of the then Crown Prince Wilhelm, the so-called "Kartätschenprinz" ("canister-shot prince").

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