Kappedäschle Brunnen

“Kappedäschle” Fountain

Poststraße ,  78315 Radolfzell

The Kappedäschle fountain was built in 1977 by Robert Seyfried and features famous figures from the Radolfzell Carnival including “Kappedäschle,” “Schnitzwib,” “Hänsele” and “Holzhauer.”

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Kappedäschle History: The Prussians were settled in Radolfzell during the 1848/9 Revolution and remained until November 1850. At this time, the serious Prussians had banned Carnival. However, a brave local man named Rebwart Xaver Däschle dared to ask the city commander for permission “to look out the window with masks on.” The commander granted his request. Because of Rebwart’s fondness for wearing a traditional headpiece, he mischievously built himself a wearable window out of crate boards, painted it and added curtains. Then he slipped into a fool's costume and ran through the streets followed by a large and merry crowd of children. The Prussian commander, outwitted by Rebwart’s local shrewdness, had no choice but grin and bear the witty Carnival prank.