Außenansicht des Klinikums Mittelbaden Balg

Klinikum Mittelbaden Baden-Baden Bühl Klinik Balg

Balger Straße 50,  76530 Baden-Baden

District hospital

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With nearly 400 beds, Klinikum Mittelbaden Baden-Baden Balg is a district hospital as well as teaching hospital for the University of Heidelberg. As a result, you as a patient benefit from the fact that our hospital is home to state-of-the-art medicine.

Klinikum Mittelbaden Baden-Baden Balg has its roots in the former Stadtklinik Baden-Baden, which began operating in the late 1970s. It and has been the largest institution in the Klinikum Mittelbaden network since 2004. A large number of specialist clinics and centres in Balg allows us to work together in tight-knit, interdisciplinary teams, which is a great benefit to the patients and accelerates the prospects of recovery. This is an important foundation for high-quality medicine and care. These services are complemented by the expertise available at the other Klinikum Mittelbaden locations.

In line with our philosophy, we want to contribute all our expertise to ensure that you regain your health and maintain your quality of life as much as possible, even with a chronic illness. We do everything we can to preserve the dignity and individuality of all the people entrusted to us. We accompany you and your loved ones through your personal situation, provide assistance if you have any needs, concerns or requests, and are dedicated to helping you adjust to any changes in your life. We therefore work together across all internal and external levels on a daily basis to ensure high-quality treatment and care.

Number of doctors: 79
380 beds