Klosterweiher in Dachsberg

Klosterweiher near Dachsberg

Am Klosterweiher,  79875 Dachsberg
Open 24 hours

The Klosterweiher, a small lake developed in the 18th century as a fishing pond for the former St. Blaise’s Abbey which today is part of the Restaurant “Klosterweiherhof”.

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The lake, supplied with water by the small river Ottlisbach, and the entire surrounding territory, is privately owned. The former fishing shelter at the Eastern shore once served as a recovery camp for children, while it is privately inhabited today. The restaurant, located on the Western shore, was re-opened in May 2012 following an extensive renovation. (

The dilapidated building north of the lake used to be the entry to the mine “Friedrich-August-Grube”. This nickel mine which was operated up to the late 19th century, resumed its activities for a short period for the (unsuccessful) search for uranium-bearing minerals.

The northwestern part of the lake is situated in the nature reserve “Friedrich-August-Grube”. On the nearby meadow, you can admire some rare plants such as sundews and other orchid species.

The Klosterweiher and its shores provide a habitat for several plants and microorganisms being under nature protection and frogs and toads use it for spawning.

The lake is at the intersection of the Schluchtensteig Black Forest Trail. You find a bus stop and a car park for hikers here. A small trail from the car park leads you to the nature discovery place “Friedrich-August-Grube”.

Note:  Please respect the restrictions of use set up by the nature conservation and the private owners.