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Konviktskirche (Seminary Church)

Schoferstraße 1,  79098 Freiburg im Breisgau
Open 24 hours

The "Konviktskirche" has no large cross, no elaborate ornaments and no gold – it is rather a place of quiet and meditation.

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A fresco adorns the wall behind the altar in the otherwise purist interior of the church. The whitewashed walls of the church provide a striking backdrop for the image of the Returning Christ by Richard Seewald from 1956.

Part of the Collegium Borromaeum seminary, the Neo-Classic style church, also known as the Seminarkirche (Seminary Church), was designed by Christoph Arnold and built in 1826. It was almost entirely destroyed in the war and rebuilt around 1950.

Besides the wall painting, another of the church’s highlights is the “Trauernde Theologie” (Mourning Theology) sculpture by Emil Stadelhofer, a memorial to the seminarians killed during the First World War.


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