Krai-Woog-Gumpen im Schwarzenbächletal


Schwarzenbächletal K 6591 von Vogelbach nach Ibach,  79875 Dachsberg
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The Krai-Woog-Gumpen, a waterfall and pool in the valley of the creek “Schwarzenbächle”, is said to be a glacier mill from the Ice Age.

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On a length of 8.5 km, the Schwarzenbächle winds its way through the valley. The waterfall with its cascades running over a steep rock at the Krai-Woog-Gumpen into theg lacier millis worth a visit. It is supposed to originate from the last Ice Age.

Discovered not before the year 1952

The name “Krai-Woog” derives from the Germanic language, meaning “roaring waterfall”. This small but yet impressive waterfall was only discovered in the year 1952, together with the largest glacier mill in the Black Forest. Scientists are divided on its development which is said to be linked to the Ice Age.  

Welcome refreshment

In any case offers the natural pool underneath the waterfall a welcome refreshment to the hiker in the Schwarzenbächletal on hot summer days.

More information:

The information board at the Krai-Woog-Gumpen gives deeper informations.

Where to find the Schwarzenbächletal?

The Schwarzenbächletal which also offers a leisure area at the saw mill of the village of Burg, a moor station and an (unfortunately closed) access to the former silver mine, can be reached from Ibach or Dachsberg-Vogelbach on the route K 6591. During a short leg, this natural valley coincides with the  Seven Moor Trail.


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