Kurhaus Kolonnaden
Shopping street

Kurhaus Colonnade

Kaiserallee 1,  76530 Baden-Baden
Open 24 hours

Baden-Baden’s Kurhaus Colonnade keeps the nostalgic charm of the good old days thriving. The two parallel rows of boutiques with their precious jewels, high-quality fashion and sweet delicacies, bathed in the shade of the horse chestnut trees, invite you to take a leisurely look around...

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Without any question of a doubt, the Kurhaus Colonnade is a prestigious jewel in Baden-Baden’s crown. Built in 1867-68 and modelled on the Parisian arcades of that time, they form an inviting passageway to the spa town’s assembly rooms known as the Kurhaus. It is as if time has stood still as there is no room for rushing or daily stresses here.

Moreover, the Kurhaus Colonnade embodies the unique flair of the 19th century, they evoke nostalgic memories of the Belle Époque era and allow the glory of the grand times to shine in a new light.

All that’s missing is a coachman – and even he can be found now and again in the Kurhaus Colonnade. And when he’s chauffeuring tourists and spa visitors around the manicured gardens of the "Lichtentaler Allee" in a horse-drawn carriage everything seems to be back to how it once was...

The small, pretty shops with their wide range of high-quality luxury brands typifies the good old days – a time when it was still a luxury to be able to visit the spa town of Baden-Baden.

Strolling in natural green surroundings, taking a seat under the horse chestnut trees, listening to the concert in the nearby Kurhaus gardens – the timeless, elegant flair of the town’s grand tradition is omnipresent.

Silk scarves from the renowned Paris fashion label Leonard, elegant pumps from Charles Jourdan, ties from Versage and Missoni, luxury timepieces from Chopard, fine jewellery made from pure sterling silver, hand-finished Meissen porcelain and the legendary confectionary creations from Rumpelmayer – a stroll through the Kurhaus Colonnade is like paying a flying visit to a Baden-Baden en miniature.

Effortless, vibrant, nostalgic, sublime...


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