idyllisch gelegene Hammerschmiede
Special museum

Lahr-Reichenbach hammer mill

Schindelstraße 8/1,  77933 Lahr

See sparks flying at the old smithy!

Not only the future is full of excitement - the past also harbours interesting stories. The Hammerschmiede (Hammer Mill) provides insights into traditional trades and 280 years of local everyday life. Flying sparks of glowing hot iron and lovingly restored exhibits in the museum of local history allow visitors young and old to experience history first hand.

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The roots of this historic and cultural building go back to 1730. Originally a forge for making tools and appliances, it now houses an extensive museum for traditional skilled crafts, trades and former everyday life and culture.
This historic building and an adjoining apiary are maintained and run by Lahr-Reichenbach’s local section of the Black Forest Association. It organizes pre-booked group tours and traditional forge demonstrations, followed by a snack and drink for the visitors.

In the neighbouring Bee Garden, which features several bee-hives, visitors can experience the fascinating world of bees.
At the grand „log hive“ and wild bee stand, the bees can be observed in close proximity. Display panels and guided tours provide information about the hustle and bustle of these hard-working honey-collectors.

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