Rechtshistorisches Museum Karlsruhe
Special museum

Legal Historical Museum

Herrenstraße 45a,  76133 Karlsruhe

The Legal Historical Museum Karlsruhe is located in the federal court in the city center and provides an overview of the historical development of the law.

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Permanent exhibition: From Babylon to today's legal system

The conception of the permanent exhibition combines the legal systems of the old cultures with the modern development of law. A reproduction of the pillar of diorte of the Law Code of Hammurabi - which is originally located in the Louvre museum in Paris - opens the exhibition and leads to further exhibits of the Babylonian, Greek and Roman law.

The exhibition continues with the development of the land and municipal law, the “Sachsenspiegel” (1220-1235) and the “Goldene Bulle” (The Golden Bull) (1356), followed by the legal system of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation considering the Imperial Chamber Court (1495-1806). The successful development of the Roman Empire is shown by valuable prints of the Corpus Juris (16th and 17th century) and further exhibits.

Afterwards the statute books of natural law (Naturrechtsgesetzbücher), e.g. the French Civil Code, will be explained.

The path to the German legal unity and the development to a modern state under the rule of law will also be documented. In the external area of the library of the Federal court, visitors will find a piece of the Berlin Wall.

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