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Lenzkirch Watch Collection

Am Kurpark 2,  79853 Lenzkirch

Numerous watches from the golden age of the famous Lenzkirch Watch Factory (AGUL). They can be viewed in the display cabinets in the upper floor of the Lenzkirch Spa House. 

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A unique collection with valuable exhibits assembled and presented in 15 display cabinets in the upper floor of the Lenzkirch Spa House by the “Verein der Lenzkircher-Uhren-Freunde e.V.” (Association of Lenzkirch Watch Lovers). Since the Paula and Wolfgang Dilger Collection was added in 2013, the exhibit houses around 250 valuable objects from the golden age of the Lenzkirch Watch Factory. They are showcased behind heavy safety glass. Early pictures, original documents, catalogues, etc. can also be viewed here. The “Flötenuhr No.1” by Jakob Ganter is considered a particularly exquisite piece of traditional watch making. This exhibit, impressive not only because of its size, only recently found its way back to Lenzkirch a few years ago. The partially gold-plated watch plays eight different tunes on 42 wooden flutes. Wheelchair accessible.


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