Lichtentaler Straße
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Lichtentaler Straße

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A passionate affair: the "Lichtentaler Allee" and the "Lichtentaler Straße" is where the pulse of Germany’s smallest global town beats.

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See and be seen in the town renowned worldwide for its spas, media industry and shopping scene. Feel its heartbeat and indulge in its almost Mediterranean lifestyle. And where best can this be done? Simply stroll along the world famous "Lichtentaler Allee" and the "Lichtentaler Straße"!

In the parks and gardens of Baden-Baden’s "Lichtentaler Allee" you can at all times sense the breath of nature, the freshness of the water in the River Oos, the scent from the flower arrangements, the town’s special tradition and a certain easiness to a bathing culture unique throughout European that is practised here.

Its demands for the exceptional have turned Baden-Baden into a noble address. And with the Museum Frieder Burda, the Staatliche Kunsthalle art gallery, the Museum of 19th Century Art & Technology and its theatre, its concept has also been developed to include artistic amenities of the highest standards.

The "Lichtentaler Straße" on the other hand is a street for those seeking an exceptional shopping experience.  

In the shops in the "Augusta-Arcades", for instance, the latest Prada and Gucci bags, exclusive lingerie, nightwear and swimwear from Andres Sarda and Gianantonio Paladini, as well as creations from Dolce & Gabbana, await the fashion-conscious customers.

Virtually just around the corner is the "Merkurstraße", well worth a short detour too, you will find precision, handicraft skills being practised. Handmade shoes from precious, box calf leather or exotic crocodile leather form the framework for individual masterworks in which manual processes and valuable materials set exceptionally high standards.

The same applies to the young, German watch brand Jaeger & Benzinger, manufactured in the watch factory of the same name. A unique luxury that can be found in the Merkurstraße.

Luxury is the word that comes to mind for the few metres of the Lichtentaler Straße that lead to Leopoldsplatz: watches from Cartier, fine writing implements from Montblanc, cushions from Hermès, sunglasses from Chopard, “hat couture” and precious fabrics from Olivier Maugé, designer dresses from Ives Saint-Laurant and, set in the street’s heart, the long-established Café König, famous for its fantastic confectionary. It’s luxury that melts in your mouth.

"The height of luxury is not having to look at the price," according to German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld – how very true...


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