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Limes Museum Aalen

St. Johann-Str. 5, 73430 Aalen

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Meet the Romans in Aalen

Two thousand years ago, this part of Germany was Frontier Country – the frontier of the Roman Empire. Learn more about the Roman occupation, both militarily and sociologically, at the Limes Museum in Aalen. Located in what was once the largest Roman cavalry fort north of the Alps, this is also the largest Roman museum in Germany. “Limes” (pronounced Lee-mez) means “border fortification” in Latin. 50 miles/80 km east of Stuttgart.

Year-round, Tues to Sun 10 to 5pm. Closed Mondays, but open on holidays


Limesmuseum Aalen
St. Johann-Str. 5
73430 Aalen

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