Kirchen und Kapellen bei Ostrach
Local history museum

Local History Museum

Rentamtstraße 1,  88356 Ostrach

Museum about the local history of Ostrach in text, audio and visual form.

Official content of Ostrach

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The following main exhibitions are located in the local history museum, which occupies the upper two floors of the Amtshaus:

- the battle of Ostrach in 1799

- the Ostrach song manuscript around 1740

- the robber captain "Schwarz Vere"

- Peat

Exhibitions in the Ostrach Museum of Local History


Peat was once mined in today's Pfrunger-Burgweiler reed as the basis for survival. The new permanent exhibition in the Ostrach Amtshaus is dedicated to this topic. Three thematic blocks show the development of the reed, industrial peat cutting by Robert Bosch and the reed today. Various exhibits such as the tusks of a mammoth are on display. An original lorry is displayed next to the building.

Robber captain "Schwarz Vere

Breaking down legends and exposing clichés: Gerhard Fetscher, director of the local history museum in Ostrach, wants to use a new section on the Schwarz Vere to shed light on the actual existence of the robber captain. Old records, court files and above all the book "Die letzten Räuberbanden in Oberschwaben" by Max Planck served as a basis for the Ostrach local history expert.


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