“Löffelkapelle” (Löffel Chapel)

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ighly spiritual – The Black Forest was often a harsh and difficult living environment for its former inhabitants. There was no insurance in the event of illness, fire, poor harvests or other turns of fate. Help and salvation was sought through the belief in the living God and the intercessions of the saints. Henceforth, chapels were built in the districts and hamlets far from the parish churches in the village. They are “small churches without their own clergy”. It was in these chapels that people once sought hope and assurance in times of need. 

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The “Löffelkapelle” was built between 1858 and 1860. It is registered as a Bildhaus chapel. According to Josefine Ebner (mother of the former mayor August Ebner), the chapel was built by the wife of Leopold Morath from Bulgenbach. She herself came from Brenden. The chapel is dedicated to the Mother of Sorrows. One thing however is known for certain, pilgrims with toothaches and earaches visited the chapel in the past. The spoons hanging in the interior of the chapel bear witness to this. Hence the name “Löffelkapelle”, which literally means Chapel of Spoons. In the event of an earache, “hot fat” was dripped into the ear using a spoon. For toothaches, “Expella” was used as a universal remedy. There was always an image of the Virgin Mary in the alcove. The chapel was therefore commonly known as “Bildhäusle” which literally translates as “Picture House”. The chapel nearly burned down completely on 12 April. In 1978, the rural women of Brenden took the initiative to renovate it extensively, turning it into the chapel that stands there today.