Wegweiser Löffingen
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Löffingen Homeland Museum

Rathausplatz 14,  79843 Löffingen

A tour of Löffingen’s local museum is always worth it. A lot of the objects have a story to tell. 

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Exhibition in the homeland room

The Löffingen artist and teacher Karl Ehret put together an extensive collection of local exhibits. These were showcased in the homeland room (school) starting in 1935. A particularly exciting exhibit was the 7th century skeleton which was discovered on the Alenberg Hill in 1933. The museum suffered during the wars. A lot was lost in those years. In 1975, some coins were stolen in a break-in, including around 25 Roman coins that were found in Löffingen.  

The museum today

The current museum was opened in 1990. It showcases geological exhibits, objects from the town’s early history, as well as objects from everyday rural life. 

Among the exhibits are minerals and fossil findings from the Wutach Gorge, mammoth teeth discovered in a gravel pit in Reislfingen, the tomb of the Alemanni, medieval objects, such as gun barrels, swords, and helmets, as well as a fire engine from 1806. Moreover, agricultural equipment and everyday objects from past centuries are also showcased here.

Customs and traditions are also reflected in a collection of reverse glass paintings by the Rötenbach painter Winterhalder. Pictures of local artists Hildenbrand, Friedrich Knödler, Karl-Friedrich Ehret, and Ernst Keller are also depicted. 


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