Lotenbach Gorge

79843 Löffingen

The Lotenbach Gorge (1.5 km long) branches off from the Wutach Gorge. At first, a stream trickles gently amongst the granite rocks, but it joins the wild gorge with its waterfalls, spillways, and cliffs after a few hundred metres.

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The Lotenbach Gorge can be accessed from the hiker’s car park which is directly opposite it. It is on the B 315 between Gündelwangen and Bonndorf. A steep path leads to the “Schattenmühle” Guesthouse. After a rest and some refreshments, you walk back up the gorge to the hiker’s car park (3 km).
Tip: The Lotenbach Gorge is an ideal place from which to enter or leave the Wutach Gorge.  

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