Majolika Manufaktur Karlsruhe
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Majolica Porcelain Manufactory

Ahaweg 6-8,  76131 Karlsruhe

The Staatliche Majolika Manufaktur Karlsruhe GmbH produces a variety of fine ceramic ornaments. A line of ceramic tiles runs straight through the palace gardens from the majolica workshops to the palace tower. There’s almost nothing they don’t make, from saucers to decorative features on church roofs.

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For a century, the Majolica workshops have been the epitome of traditional craftsmanship successfully wedded with a flair for creative art. Many of its fine ceramic ornaments designed for the Majolica bear the signature of leading artists. Its premium quality works turn into timeless pieces of art, becoming popular collection items – not just among art lovers. The ceramic objects produced by the Majolica Porcelain Manufactory captivate with artistic expression, from small sculptures to unique art, tiles, vases, bowls and even plates.

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