Wanderweg zum Lindenberg
Observation point

Maria Lindenberg - Place of pilgrimage and excursion destination

Klosterhof 11,  79271 St. Peter
Open 24 hours

The Lindenberg offers uniquely beautiful views of the Iben and Eschbach Valleys. The pilgrim’s restaurant (closed on Mondays) offers a diverse range of culinary specialties.   

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The Lindenberg is officially part of Buchenbach but is perceived as St. Peter’s local mountain. It can be reached on foot from Eschbach, Stegen, Unteribental, or St. Peter. Vehicle access is only possible from St. Peter. The Lindenberg peak, the so-called“Hochgericht”(high court), offers beautiful views of the Feldberg, the Kandel, and St. Märgen-Thurner all the way to the Schauinsland and the Vosges. And the viewing plateau surrounding the statue of the Virgin Mary by the chapel provides a beautiful view of the Iben and Eschbach Valleys, both foothills of the Dreisamtal.        

Thepilgrimage chapelon the Lindenberg looks back on more than 500 years of partly sorrowful history. It owes its construction to two farmers from Unteribental. They built the chapel in honour of the Virgin Mary, who comforted and helped them in times of need. It is located on the hill by the linden tree. Initially, it was made out of wood, later out of stone. The Lindenberg quickly became a lively pilgrimage centre.

Benedictine monks from St. Peter’s Abbey held the church services. Worshippers from Dreisamtal and Glottertal went on long marches, praying and singing as they walked, in order to pay tribute to the Virgin Mary. After the pilgrimage chapel was rebuilt and enlarged at the instigation of Abbot Philipp Jacob Steyrer from St. Peter in the middle of the 18th century, construction was interrupted by Emperor Francis Joseph II from Vienna in 1787.

He was known to oppose pilgrimage, considering it a waste of time and a superstitious practice. Construction materials and artistic objects, amongst them the famous Pilgrim’s Madonna, were taken to Eschbach where a new parish church was built.

However, despite all bureaucratic obstacles, despite reconstruction being abandoned and prevented, and despite the dispossession of century-old monasteries (such as St. Peter’s Abbey in 1806), the pilgrimage chapel was rebuilt with the energetic help of generous worshippers from all around the Lindenberg. Since 1849, church services have been held here again.

Between May and October, on the 13th of every month, worshippers go on a pilgrimage to the Lindenberg in honour of the Lady Fatima. The chapel is increasingly being used for weddings and serves as a venue for concerts.

Theretreat house,run by Franciscan Sisters, provides accommodation for visitors while thePilgrim’s Restauranton the Lindenberg is a great place for sightseers to enjoy a wonderful meal. (Tel.: +49 (0)7661-981989).