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Media Library

Zähringerstraße 4,  79271 Sankt Peter

Information centre (multilingual) on the lives and work of the Dukes of Zähringen.

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The St. Peter community and the society “Zähringer Zentrum” (Zähringer Centre) are aiming to build a so-called “House of the Zähringer” (planned completion: 2017). This project aims to promote trans-regional, cultural exchange between Zähringen towns in Germany and those in Switzerland. A crucial part of the “Zähringer Zentrum” plans were achieved with the media library in 2014.

The media library lets you experience a medieval world which tells you more about the family of dukes that had such a lasting impact on the history of south-west Germany, Switzerland and its towns to this day. The media library is located on Zähringerstrasse (between the central car park and the monastery court yard) and is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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