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METTNAU Medical Rehabilitation Facilities

Strandbadstraße 106,  78315 Radolfzell am Bodensee

METTNAU is one of the leading health care institutions in Germany. Their motto "Exercise is Life" stands for a concept based on many years of success in combining the foundational elements of physical activity, relaxation, mental balance and healthy nutrition.

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This dreamlike setting is located on the Mettnau peninsula in Radolfzell, within one of Europe’s most beautiful cultural landscapes. It’s where patients arrive and take pause, rediscover themselves and reactivate their own inner resources.

METTNAU is one of the most traditional centres for movement therapy in Germany. With its four clinics, it specialises in prevention and rehabilitation for disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Accompanying treatments include metabolic diseases, orthopaedic dysfunctions and the issues related to psychological overload like “burnout.”

METTNAU's range of services is based on the motto "Movement is life.” The optimal combination of activities and relaxation, mental balance and healthy nutrition generates energy the body needs to cope with everyday life.

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