Spitze der Halbinsel Mettnau bei Radolfzell
Nature reserve

Mettnau Peninsula

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The Mettnau peninsula is located east of the town of Radolfzell on theUntersee. A large part of the Mettnau is a nature reserve. The eponymous medical rehabilitation facilities are also located on the peninsula.

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The Mettnau peninsula lies on theUntersee,the western part of Lake Constance. The 180 hectare peninsula is 3.5 kilometres long and up to 800 metres wide.

The Mettnau nature reserve which includes the small "Love Island" just to the South, is one of the oldest nature reserves in Germany and is managed by the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU). The peninsula has developed into the region's most important breeding area for waterfowl surrounding a pond created accidentally during construction works. The pond is protected from Lake Constance water fluctuations, making it a safe breeding place for duck species. On NABU's various guided tours you can learn more about the special features of the protected area. The 18 metre Mettnau Tower overlooks the entire peninsula and surrounding region. The “Life Trail”Unterseestretches from Mettnau to the Lake Constance “Nature Friends House” in Markelfingen and provides information about the Lake Constance landscape.

The outermost tip of the peninsula is closed to hikers and walkers during the summer months (April 15 - August 31) to protect the safe breeding grounds of these rare birds.

The medical spa area is located on the developed half of the peninsula. These include the four houses of the Radolfzell METTNAU medical rehabilitation facilities and a large park with beautiful walks along the lake.


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