Untergrombach Michaelsberg
Observation point

Michaelsberg bei Untergrombach

Griesbachstr. 1,  76185 Karlsruhe

At the west of the Kraichgau between Bruchsal and Weingarten there is the Michaelsberg with its distinctive white chapel. Here you have a wide and broad outlook in the Upper Rhine Valley.

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The mountain is well-known among archaeological experts. It named a Neolithic culture from which here it was found many ceramic broken fragments in 1884.

Future excavations of other pieces shown that there was an early celtic settlement. First documented mention of the chapel goes back till Late Middle Ages (14th century). Since 1996 the nature and landscape of the Michaelberg are under conservation of the Regional Commission of Karlsruhe.

The area of the declared nature- and landscape-dependency is ca 52 hectare. Around the mountain there are six large-scale information boards which show the historical and scenic characteristics of the plateau.

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