Mining trail at Dachsberg-Rüttewies

Rüttewies - Infostation,  79875 Dachsberg
Open 24 hours

In an impressive way, this trail demonstrates the ordeal of mining in the Medieval Age.

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The Trail starts at the information pointa t the connecting road to the village of Urberg and, after leading downward for about 250 meters, it ends ahead of the village of Laithe. It runs along a partial area of the“Ruprecht-ore vein”.

On numerous boards you can read about the traces of the open cast mining in the nature still visible today. The Medieval mining is also displayed on the boards. Even today there are beautiful specimen offluorite and barite sparas well as other minerals and interesting stones found in thepinge and extraction.

The mining trail is part of the mining hiking trail from Wittenschwand to Urberg.

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We recommend stable footwear; please understand that the trail is not suitable for people with reduced mobility and for prams.

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