Monastery Church of the Assumption

Klosterhof 1,  79274 St. Märgen

The Augustinian monastery was founded around the same time as the settlement of the Black Forest in 1118. The canons from Lorraine are said to have brought a holy image with them which quickly led to the monastery becoming a place of pilgrimage. It is still honoured in the pilgrimage and monastery church to this day.  

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St. Märgen as a place of pilgrimage

The dean Bruno of Strasbourg founded a monastery in honour of the Virgin Mary in 1118. Its inhabitants were canons from Germany and Lorraine. The name “Cella sancta Mariae” turned into “Marienzell, St. Mergen” and finally became “St. Märgen”. A High Medieval, holy image – a seated Madonna – remains the main attraction to this day. After some moving and difficult times, a baroque monastery complex was built in the 18th century, underlining the abbots’ willingness to build places of worship. At the same time, pilgrimage journeys to the holy image reached their peak. To this day, the site is an impressive interplay of monastic culture and the unique Black Forest landscape. 

It is not possible to view the church while services are taking place.

Tours: 1 May to 1 November, Wednesdays 5:30 pm

Group tours on request.


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