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Museum Humpis-Quartier

Marktstraße 45,  88212 Ravensburg

Located in the middle of Ravensburg’s Old Town, Museum Humpis-Quartier invites you to take a journey through the centuries. 

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Urban culture and history from the High Middle Ages to the present day can be experienced in one of Southern Germany’s best preserved late medieval town quarters.

The tour through seven historical buildings takes you into the living spaces and worlds of the former inhabitants. The architectural highlight of the museum is the glass-roofed inner courtyard: it is a central meeting place, café, event location and a unique, atmospheric place to look around and linger.

The quarter is named after the Humpis family, whose heraldic animal, a greyhound, is still the museum’s mascot today.

As co-founders of the large trading company “Große Ravensburger Handelsgesellschaft”, the Humpis family shaped the history of the imperial city of Ravensburg in the late Middle Ages. In “their house”, at Marktstraße 45, they tell how they cultivated relations throughout Europe as overseas merchants, and how they helped shape the city’s politics as its mayors. The Wucherer family of tanners will take you back to 18th century Ravensburg. This period was characterised by religious parity and tolerance, attempts at regulation by the authorities, social conflicts and economic hardship.

In the 19th and 20th century the Humpis Quarter was a place of hospitality, conviviality and exchange between social classes, locals and outsiders. At the same time, this was also a time of political inequality, ideological conflicts, nationalism, global wars, exclusion and expulsion. These topics are examined in rooms in the east wing, the history laboratory, and in temporary exhibitions.


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How to get there

By car

Direction City Center. Close parkingspots: P5 Gänsbühlzentrum, P1 Marienplatz or P5 Rauenegg. 5 min walking distance. 

By train or bus

The train station Ravensburg is about 15 minutes walking distance away. Several bus lines leave from the train station t Marienplatz or to Gänsbühlzentrum. From there it is about 300 meters to the museum.
A welcome package with a consumption voucher for bus drivers is available for pick-up at the Tourist Information of the city of Ravensburg.