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Museum of Bread and Art

Salzstadelgasse 10,  89073 Ulm

Grains and bread have left a deep mark on the lives of the people: on their work, their well-being, but also on their suffering. The Museum of Bread Culture shows the history of bread, forming the basis of human existence, culture and civilisation.

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Its historical, artistic, cultural, artisanal, socio-political and technological dimensions are illustrated here. The art collection of the museum surprises every visitor with its theme-based paintings and sculptures, dating from the Middle Ages to the present day: works by Flegel, Brueghel d. J., Stoskopff, Rembrandt, Brarlch, Beckmann, Dalí, Kollwitz, Picasso, Chagall and Man Ray. The museum is housed in the earlier Salzstadel, a representative storage building from 1592.


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