Narrenverein Rebweiber Betznau e. V.

Postfach 9205,  88076 Kressbronn am Bodensee

The Rebweiber is a small carnival association from the Kressbronn suburb Betznau with the purpose of the Swabian-Alemannic carnival tradition.

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Winegrowing has there been in Betznau already in earlier times, what was there more obvious, than to express old customs of the "Fasnet" (carnival) in the figure of the vine women "Rebweiber". The idea to found a carnival association in Betznau arrived in autumn 1994. In the spring of 1995 the implementation began. With a modelled mask they went to the city of Füssen to have it made in wood. With the vine women it should be made clear which hard and laborious manual work had to be done before the wine in the barrel was approaching its maturity. The mask expressed this eternal uphill, downhill with heavy loads. The vine women stand out with eyes wide open, a slanting chin and a cartilaginous, wide nose. The wrinkled wine-red cheeks are most expressive at the corners of the mouth. The mouth itself sits diagonally in the face, and a big cheek-teeth sticks out from the right mouth-corner far. An enormous tousled and long hair-tuft pushes curiously out under the headscarf. The hare embodies the colors and the weather in the vines. The wine-red skirt and a green blouse represent the beautiful, warm sunny days in the vines. A black apron and a black headscarf indicate the downside of the profession: Bad weather, cold and the dreaded pests. The equipment of the vine woman includes a leather belt decorated with vine leaves and a slide to chase away the winter and the birds.

Since 2015, a single mask "our raven Ambrosius" has accompanied the vine women. It embodies the birds that like to eat the sweet fruits and therefore must be driven away by the vine women.

Everyone considers it important that the customs in and around the vineyards are brought to life. On this and that Fasnet the Rebweiber will be represented and around sympathy recruit. After all, the wine from the Betznau and Kressbronn hillsides should also find its market. With in the entourage will be here and there the probably largest slide. By the way, whoever wants to greet the hardworking group of women, ruffled by the wind and shaken by the weather: Their call is: "REBWEIB RÄTSCH!

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