Nationaltheater Mannheim

National Theatre Mannheim

Mozartstraße 9,  68161 Mannheim

Germany's largest and oldest municipal repertory theater has its home in Mannheim. The Nationaltheater Mannheim is the cultural flagship of the city and one of the most important stages in Germany.

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Traditional and contemporary, opera, theatre, drama and a Young National Theatre, all together under one roof. Typical of Mannheim's diversity. Through its history, the national theater has seen performances by legends such as Schiller and Mozart. Numerous world and German premieres are evidence of the contemporary continuation of that tradition. Over a quarter of a million visitors per year speak for themselves. Named "Opera House of the Year" in 2015, the national theater is one of Germany's largest four-division houses.          

Top tip: Come a little earlier and get into the mood by wandering through the foyer, taking in the hustle and bustle and the festive clothing. Reserve a table for the interval in the theatre café before the performance and let what you have just witnessed sink in over a glass of champagne and a salmon canapé.

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