Natur im Garten Platanenweg 5 Insel Mainau

Nature in the garden on the island Mainau

The Platanenweg Nr. 5 has been certified according to nature in the garden guidelines since autumn 2019.

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It is a sonorous name - Platanenweg 5. Directly opposite the butterfly house on the island of Mainau is a small blue wooden garden house, surrounded by green shrubs and trees. Platanenweg 5 is bordered by a white garden fence, which separates this area from the other parking areas. This creates the atmosphere of your own front yard, with space for a small garden pond, small paths meander through flower meadows and in the hedges and shrubs small light and decorative elements can be discovered. Strawberries from the hanging pot? Hydrangea bushes in the flower tub? The Platanenweg 5 gives tips on current garden trends and especially for natural gardening. Here everyone will find ideas to make their own home more plant.

In addition, here is the "Green Phone" settled, the flower and plant advice of the Mainau gardeners to botanical issues of visitors.


Large visitor car park directly at the island entrance.


The island of Mainau in Lake Constance is located on one of the southernmost tip of Germany. You can reach it in a variety of ways: by bike, train and bus, Lake Constance ships or your own vehicle.

Bus stop:

The urban bus lines 4/13 and 13/4 stop at the island of Mainau.


The island of Mainau with its Platanenweg 5 can be visited year-round from dawn to dusk.


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