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Riedweg 3,  88271 Wilhelmsdorf

The nature conservation centre is located on the northern edge of Wilhelmsdorf, at the gateway to the Pfrunger-Burgweiler Reed. Due to its ideal location, the Wilhelmsdorf Nature Conservation Centre is an excellent starting point for hiking and cycling tours through the Pfrunger-Burgweiler Reed.

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A museum dedicated to the history of the landscape and use of the moor was established in the nature conservation centre. 12,000 years of moorland history can be discovered here in fast motion.

Among other things, the interactive exhibition on nine theme islands invites visitors to join in and try things out. The "interactive table", a large touch-sensitive screen on which the entire reed landscape and its surroundings can be seen, kicks off the exhibition. At the touch of a finger, up to four people can simultaneously call up further information and take part in a Reed-Quiz. It will also be exciting for children, e.g. on a diving trip and time travel with the Moorkäpsele down into the deep layers of the moor. During this trip the swamp turtle "Emy" tells many exciting stories.

At the research station, equipped with microscopes, you can also take a closer look at nature.

The exhibition is complemented by the outdoor area with its 9,000-year-old bog oaks, the "glacier garden" with erratic blocks weighing tons from the Ice Age, the woodland nature trail and the reed nature trails. Directly opposite the nature conservation centre, the nature trail with adventure stations, willow tippis, willow domes and willow tunnels will be opened in 2020.

In addition, a wide variety of animals can be observed in the nature reserve. For example, the beaver. It has been at home in the Pfrunger-Burgweiler Reed since 2005. The "master builder of biodiversity" has gained a foothold in the reed beds via the Ostrach river from the Danube. But also white storks, bats, pond frogs, the rare European pond turtle, the kingfisher, the snipe, countless dragonflies and other rare animals are at home in the Pfrunger-Burgweiler Reed. Kindergartens, school classes and other educational institutions can take advantage of the offer to explore and experience nature in the moor and make appointments with the nature conservation centre.

The nature education programme for families, "Moorforscher-Rucksack"(bog researcher backpack), enables them to explore the reed nature trail around the nature conservation centre on their own and to gather information about the reed without a guide.

A task booklet with 12 stations and various aids, such as an aquascope, instructs children from the age of 8 years to observe and describe and to solve small tasks on the reed nature trail. The peat researcher's rucksack can be borrowed from the Wilhelmsdorf Nature Conservation Centre. For a fee of 10,- € and a deposit, it is available all day long.


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