Nature reserve

Nature reserve Kohlhütte-Lampenschweine, Ibach

79837 Ibach
Open 24 hours

A very impressive nature reserve which offers stunning views, both near and far into the distance.

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Enjoy the picturebook views:

Yellow-brown pastures, dotted with juniper bushes, cover the landscape of the Ibach High Valley with an open view of the wide forests of the Upper Hotzenwald. In the North-Western corner of the valley lies the nature reserve Kohlhütte-Lampenschweine, designated in 1996, which can easily be reached by following the panorama trail.

Along the trail, part of which runs through the approx. 140 hectares of the reserve, numerous lookout points with impressive views will invite you to stay and enjoy. (from:

The popular Ibach panorama trail and the Black Forest Schluchtensteig trail pass through the nature reserve.

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